Beginner's Guide to Understanding How Progression Works in New World

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Beginner's Guide to Understanding How Progression Works in New World

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Guide on how progression works in New World - all of the different methods of progression are explained, as well as beginner tips on how to choose the most appropriate approach! New World offers a plethora of opportunities for you to advance your character. From Core Attributes to Trade Skills and even Weapon Mastery, there is something for everyone. In order to help you understand how to improve your character and become stronger, we'll cover it all at a fundamental level in this section.

Please keep in mind that New world coins have a separate guide on How Leveling Works in New World, where you will find a comprehensive overview of the leveling system as well as tips on how to gain levels quickly and easily, as well as information on which content gives you the most experience points.

We have avoided including any plot spoilers in this guide because new NW for sale believe they are unnecessary. Because of this,  believe it is safe for you to read without being concerned that something will ruin your experience with the game's narrative. While the images used in this section no longer reveal the narrative, they are primarily from lower-level characters. A plethora of useful and helpful information for your journey through Aeternum will be delivered to your inbox at the same time.

The Fundamental Characteristics
As far as their character is concerned, every player who arrives on the shores of Aeternum begins at the same point in the game. Your character begins with five points in each of the Core Attributes when he or she is level one. The following are the Core Attributes:

It is possible to gain 195 stat points from Attributes, but doing so will necessitate the use of other items such as armor, weapons, and trinkets in order to surpass this limit. There are diminishing returns starting at 100 points, so it is not recommended to put all of your points into a single combat stat at the start of the game. The majority of weapons, in fact, will require at least two stats to function properly.

Any time you want, you can have your Core Attributes reset for a small amount of in-game currency. In this manner, you will be able to fine tune your stat distribution and make the most of your preferred playstyle, or even switch to a different one.

Strength is the first of the Core Attributes to be discussed.
In melee combat, strength will be the most important stat for those who wish to use melee weapons, particularly heavy weapons. Some melees will also scale off their Dexterity, albeit to a lesser extent than others. Strength will be a good stat to invest points in unless you plan on completely avoiding melee combat. It can be beneficial for someone who specializes in ranged combat to have a melee weapon to fall back on if they are being rushed by an opponent.

The use of higher strength values will also help you improve your Mining Skill. A 10% increase in mining speed will be applied once you reach 50 points. Every 50 points you invest will result in the unlocking of additional bonuses, such as increased yield and the opportunity to instantly mine a node.

Dexterity is the ability to manipulate objects.
When it comes to Ranged Weapons, the Dexterity Core Attribute is essential to mastering them. For those who wish to specialize in bows, muskets, or rapiers, dexterity will be the most important stat to have. Ranged weapons, in contrast to lighter melee weapons, benefit significantly from Dexterity. Dexterity is a fantastic attribute to invest points in because it will make your ranged weapons stronger as well as aid in the use of lighter melee weapons when combined with some strength.

Your Skinning Skill will improve as your Dexterity increases in value. From the moment you reach 50 points, you'll receive a 10% bonus to Skinning Speed. Every 50 points after that, you'll be able to unlock additional bonuses to Skinning, including an increase in yield and a higher chance of obtaining rare items.

Intelligence is the gathering of information.
Then there's the Intelligence Core Attribute, which stands for intelligence core. Intelligence is the primary stat for those who specialize in Magic, and it is a secondary stat for those who specialize in Rapiers, Muskets, and Magic Weapons. It will increase the damage dealt by your spells, as well as the magical effects of some Magic Perks that may be found on weapons from time to time in the game. If you do not intend to use magic or a magic weapon on a regular basis, this stat should not be a high priority for you to improve.

Higher levels of Intelligence will help you improve your Harvesting Skill. From the moment you reach 50 points, you'll receive a 10% bonus to Harvesting Speed. Every 50 points you invest will result in the unlocking of additional bonuses, such as increased yield and the possibility of harvesting immediately.

The Focus Core Attribute is the next one on the list.
Concentration is going to be the most important stat if you want to use the Life Staff for healing purposes. Aside from that, this is a secondary stat that will allow a mage to cast more spells more frequently because it controls your Mana Regeneration Rate.

Your Fishing Skill will improve if you concentrate on higher values. A 10% bonus to Fishing Line Tension is awarded once you have earned 50 points in the game. Every 50 points you spend will result in the unlocking of additional bonuses.

Constitution of the United States
The Constitution Core Attribute is the final point to mention. Your health improves as a result of your constitution. In contrast to Focus, however, most characters will desire a significant amount of this stat. Extra health is almost always a welcome stat, unless you're going for something extreme like a burst-heavy or general glass cannon-style build. buy NW coins is recommended that you always pick up some experience points, at the very least until you have built up your other stats and are ready to move on.

In order to Tank for PvE content or to be able to survive longer in PvP, the additional health it provides is critical.
Your Logging Skill will improve as your Constitution increases in value. Once you reach 50 points, you'll receive a 10% bonus to your Logging Speed. Every 50 points you invest will result in the unlocking of additional bonuses, which include bonuses to yield and even the opportunity to instantly chop down a tree.