Diablo Immortal is likely to lean heavily into microtransactions

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Diablo Immortal is likely to lean heavily into microtransactions

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As a mobile game, Diablo Immortal is likely to lean heavily into microtransactions – a revenue stream that Activision Blizzard has seen incredible success with this year. Diablo Immortal will probably launch prior to the release of Diablo 5, giving fans a chance to engage with the mobile title before diving into the larger mainline addition.

Recall that the game takes place five years after the destruction of the stone of the universe, between Diablo II and Diablo III. Shards of stone continue to desecrate everything in the vicinity. New heroes must find the shards and save the world from total immersion in chaos.

In Diablo Immortal players are waiting for:

6 classes at the start (barbarian, monk, sorcerer, demon hunter, crusader and necromancer - only the first 4 will be available during testing);
dungeons that can be completed in 10-15 minutes (alone or in a group);
portals, a mode for high-level players, where you need to defeat monsters on a random map in the allotted time;
glyphs, change the characteristics of portals at random, activating positive or negative effects;
joint play with large-scale events and special group tasks;
level system of improvement, as in Diablo III;
Legendary items that cannot be traded, but can be upgraded using the new item level system;
legendary gems, runes and talismans;
and much more.

According to Alegre, Diablo Immortal was made playable in an internal testing environment during the company's third quarter. The response is assumedly coming from Blizzard employees, so it should be taken with some skepticism. Nevertheless, it's notable that Alegre is confident enough to talk about it publicly.

Additionally, Alegre also mentions that Blizzard will soon be expanding Diablo Immortal's playtesting. The next round of testing will expand to "external regional testing," meaning that testing groups in certain regions across the world will soon get to play the game. These tests won't be available publically, and they may not even be drawn from Blizzard's open registration testing pool, but it does show how far the game's development has progressed. It's an important step in moving toward publically available testing.

As we know, the game continues to develop in the best possible way, despite not having constant news. Now, Daniel Alegre, president and director of Activision-Blizzard has revealed new information about the game during a meeting with investors. At the meeting, the manager revealed that Diablo Immortal testers are loving him.

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