Covid in Wales: What do the stats tell us?

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Covid in Wales: What do the stats tell us?

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Covid in Wales: What do the stats tell us?


What can statistics tell us about coronavirus in Wales?

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Here we update some of the key weekly and monthly data for measuring the pandemic and also assess some of the key Covid-19 indicators over the past two years.

The emergence of the Omicron variant in December 2021 led to record case numbers but in January the Welsh government was confident the peak had passed and on 28 January Wales moved to the lowest level of restrictions.

Restrictions were scaled back further on 28 March, and again involving businesses in mid-April and health settings at the end of May, with the Welsh government launching a transition plan for tackling Covid in the long term.

We are now at a "Covid stable" stage of the pandemic but a watch is still being kept on hospitalisations and deaths, although figures are expected to remain relatively low over the summer.

How many people are in hospital with coronavirus?
The number of patients testing positive for Covid, which had been rising for five weeks, is showing signs of levelling off and possibly reaching its peak.

We also know considerable numbers - about 84% - are being treated primarily for other conditions and happen to test positive when admitted.

Infections in the community have been estimated to be rising over the past six weeks.

The number of patients testing positive for Covid in hospital beds in Wales has averaged 695 a day over the past week - up just 2.5% on a week ago with the increase having slowed down and early signs suggesting it has levelled off in recent days.

How many Covid hospital cases are directly due to the virus?
On average, 84% of patients in hospital with confirmed Covid in the past week were being treated for other conditions.

Only 16% of patients in acute hospital beds with Covid were being primarily or "actively" treated for the virus.

It does not mean these patients cannot have complications because of Covid, and it can still present challenges for patient management.

Broken down by health board, Cwm Taf Morgannwg health board had around 4% of patients testing positive who were being treated "actively" for Covid for the past week.