Like previous games, the team of 2K23 looked for new additions

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Like previous games, the team of 2K23 looked for new additions

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The mode still feels enjoyable to play. There are plenty of activities for players through MyCareer NBA 2K23 MT, MyTeam, and the extensive League along with GM modes that make up for the negatives in The City on current-gen consoles and The Neighborhood on last-gen.

At its core, the factor in determining how good an game within the NBA 2K franchise is lies with how good it feels to play the game of basketball. Fortunately, despite the long anticipation for the game's gameplay reveal regardless of whether it's an NBA game on MyCareer or a game of pickup in the hubs or a game in Domination on MyTeam.

The game's gameplay is more refined and enjoyable than the previous versions. From subtle tweaks in stamina drain, through changes to the shot meter, and new badges that are available in MyCareer and MyTeam The whole thing integrates beautifully with the stunning graphics that 2K has become known for. It's a game that is memorable.

Like previous games, the team of 2K23 looked for new additions to improve the player experience, such as introducing new events to MyTeam and introducing a brand new Seasonal Quest feature to MyCareer, and introducing new activities for players in order to boost their fan base in The City.

Many of the new features are up to scratch and, even with the additions to MyCareer Hubs, the hubs seem too big and empty at times. Even so, there's plenty of variety to this two-day excursion to keep you entertained for hours on end.

NBA 2K23 Five Things It Gets Right

NBA 2K23 is another well-received game from the series due to numerous reasons 2K MT, but it contains a few problems that will need to be addressed before 2K23 comes out. It's not a doubt that the best basketball's basketball game is NBA 2K franchise.